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• Download PPT Template, Fill in Family Data on Slide Three.
Do NOT include Mother's Maiden Name for any living person in your video. 
(Sometimes used as a security question.)
You will archive this slide in your PowerPoint for your LPHS heredity Health Project but Do NOT include it in your video.
• Import pictures into PowerPoint. (Scan older ones.)
• Save PowerPoint Type as "JPEG"
• Import JPEG's into Windows MovieMaker or iMovie. (Do not import unused slides.)
• Add music with a "Family" Theme. (http://www.playlist.com/playlist/22793073163)
• SAVE Project (so that you can make changes/additions).
• SAVE Movie. 

Download TEMPLATE - http://itasca.k12.il.us/peacock/6team/peel/historyclassroom/Fam-Vid-TEMPLATE.ppt 

GOOGLE "Family Reunion SONGS" 


MovieMaker for Kids (Video Directions)


If you are unable to do the Family Tree Music Video . . . Google images for a vacation place OR a place that you would like to visit and make a G-MTV (G.eography M.usic T.ravel V.ideo) instead.


Sample G-MTV (Vacation Itasca)

Start with World Map, Continent Map, & Close-up Map 

Sample G-MTV Video with Directions 

Dear Parents,

Mr. Peel's project of using H.istory M.usic V.ideos (Humvees) in 6th Grade Social Studies 
Class for T.A.G. / Enrichment / Common Time Extra Credit teaches the student to:

1. Plan out their project well to avoid time consuming mistakes. 
Planning a project in teams is part of collaboration.

2. Organize their information well. They learn a lot about linear and non-linear information 
strategies. Some things can be added in a non-linear way such as inserting a slide. Some 
things need to be correct before the next step, such as spelling. To take a slide with a 
misspelled word and correct it after it has been converted into a jpeg and inserted into 
Windows Movie Maker means going back several steps to a PPT program to fix it, 
then reconverting it to jpeg. Etc.

3. Once in WMM students learn about flow charts or input of slides/information in an orderly way. Adding in transitions and timing to the music means having all the elements needed in order or the project doesn't work right. Taking slides in/out in a non-linear way will throw off the music timing.
4. Using different kinds of equipment and multiple literacies: 
words + music + pictures converted to a movie 
meets National Education Technology Standards (NETS): #4,#5,and #6. 
If you need copies of these, please let me know.

Mrs. B.
Middle School 
Media Center Director



Alternate Sample

Template Link


"Google" Sample Family Reunion Songs
Choose a song that your family would be proud
to have as a part of your Family Tree Music Video!



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